Published Books


Rise of the Forgotten: The Forgotten Chronicles Book 2

After brothers Timo and Eron are separated by the ritual of the Selection, they’re forced into vastly different lives. Accepting their fate, they make the best of their situation. But when Timo’s home among the Forgotten is invaded everything changes.

Eron must decide if he will join the invaders or risk the life he’s earned and fight alongside the Forgotten.

Though hidden for centuries, the time has come… the Forgotten must rise.

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The Selection: The Forgotten Chronicles Book 1

Survival means life. Failure is death–or worse.

Humans colonized the planet Kepler 186f after Earth’s near total global collapse. Soon after, supply missions ended leaving the colonists to themselves, renaming the planet Anastasia and building a new society far different than Earth’s. As population imbalance threatened stability in the settlements, a horrific and brutal institution known as The Selection was created.

Centuries later, haunted by the screams of his dead older brother, eighteen year-old Eron fears the unknown terror waiting for him and all boys his age in The Selection. He has thirty days to survive to Victory Point and reunite with his crush Mina. He will have to endure brutal circumstances and forge unlikely alliances if he’s to survive The Selection.

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Short Story Collections

The God’s Eye

The God’s Eye is a collection of four short stories perfect for the adventurous reader. Prepare to be entertained with tales of dread and loss. Like episodes of the Twilight Zone or Tales From the Crypt, these stories are unique and a bit odd.

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516qlpryx7lMoments of Darkness

This collection of fourteen flash fiction and short stories offer unique and curious tales with dark themes. Exposing the darker side of life whether in familiar settings or in strange worlds, expect interesting twists and unexpected turns.


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Cover2(Almost) Average Anthology

Culled from the archives of the (Almost) Average blog, this anthology of flash fiction collects sixteen original stories in one volume. Maniacal creatures, deadly aliens, and strained relationships reveal the darker side of life through tales perfect for the reader wanting adventure in bite-sized stories.

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Published Short Stories

“From the Depths, Risen” in Gallows Hill Magazine, October 2017


“Achievement Unlocked” in Twilight Madhouse, Vol.1 “Cat Got Your Tongue?


“Sunshine and Asteroids” from (Almost) Average Anthology on the No Extra Words Podcast.