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The Forgotten Chronicles: The Complete Trilogy

Including all three books in the Forgotten Chronicles trilogy, this collection offers readers a fast-paced, action-filled adventure set on a human colonized alien world.

This book bundles includes the full novels of The Selection, Rise of the Forgotten, and The War For Truth.

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The Selection: The Forgotten Chronicles Book One

Survival is everything.

Thrust into a brutal ritual known as The Selection, eighteen year-old Eron is confronted with a reality he recently forgot and must struggle to remember. Survival depends on it.

With a mysterious Forgotten roaming in the wilderness and other boys threatening to kill him, Eron forges an unlikely alliance to save himself.

For Eron, finding his way to Victory Point and reuniting with his childhood crush Mina is all that matters.

If they don’t make it to Victory Point in thirty days, hope is lost. Death — or worse, becoming a Forgotten — awaits all boys unable to finish.

The Selection is cruel. The stakes are high. Losing is not an option.

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Rise of the Forgotten: The Forgotten Chronicles Book Two

Victory is not what it seems.

A whole new world he never knew existed forces Eron to make the most difficult decision in his life: Join the barbaric Anastasian Defense Force and fight the Forgotten, or side with Timo and the creatures he was raised to hate.

His decision will change the course of Anastasian life.

Time is short. The future is now. The Forgotten will rise.

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The War For Truth: The Forgotten Chronicles Book Three

Truth must win.

The situation grows dire. Queen Anastasia orders the destruction of the Forgotten and turns her attention to the colonies. They must be forced into submission. Her reign depends on it.

Eron struggles to repel the forces aligned against him, setting him on a course destined to end in a fatal clash with his father Sargent Ahimo.

The fight is final. There is no turning back. The struggle for the Truth will end.

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Moments of Darkness

A Speculative Flash Fiction Collection

Fourteen dark and twisted tales await.

Building on the strength of (Almost) Average Anthology, these unique and curious stories delve into the darker side of life.

Whether in familiar settings or strange worlds, expect unpredictable twists and turns.

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(Almost) Average Anthology

A Speculative Flash Fiction Collection

Sixteen odd tales await the adventurous reader.

An eclectic collection of stories, they span from fantastical realms to the vastness of space and to the madness within us.

Horror, science fiction, and fantasy weave through this collection of stories all with a touch of darkness.

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Shopping List 2: Another Horror Anthology

Once again, HellBound Books Publishing brings you an outstanding collection of horror, dark, slippery things, and supernatural terror – all from the very best up and coming minds in the genre.

We have given each and every one of our authors the opportunity to have their shopping lists read by you, the most wonderful reading public, and have the darkest corners of their creative psyche laid bare for all to see…

This contains my story A Tiny Piece of Soul.

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Trumpland: An Alternative History of the Future

November 8th, 2016.
A new President was elected, and the United States was forever changed. Now 8 authors have come together to share the alternative facts of the dystopian futures we have yet to witness.

From the schoolboy romanticizing delusions of grandeur to nuclear Armageddon; from civil wars to the diseased undead; from walls isolating nations, to trade agreements, to environmental disasters – will any of the signs be bright enough to be seen? Will we heed the warnings before Lady Liberty’s torch is extinguished? Can we write a new future for a nation, for the entire world, before it is too late?

Trumpland’s stories present a speculative inquiry into the fallout from the most consequential election of our age.
All artists donated their contributions with proceeds from the sales being donated to charity.

This contains my story After the Wall.

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